VTK .NET Examples


VTK .Net Examples is a tiny project to demonstrate common VTK algorithms on .NET C# programming language.




What I need to run the examples?

-         You should download from VTK .Net project homepage (http://vtkdotnet.sourceforge.net/) the binary library files (VTK-5.0.1-wrap-1.1-bin.zip) and the VTK-5.0.1-control-1.1.zip source.

-         Copy the library file-s to C:\Program Files directory.

-         Copy the vtkFormsWindow.dll from VTK-5.0.1-control-1.1.zip source to C:\Program Files\VTK\bin directory.

-         Add to the PATH environment variable the C:\Program Files\VTK\bin path.

-         You should download from VTK homepage (http://www.vtk.org/get-software.php) the VTK Data (vtkdata-5.0.2.zip).

-         Copy these files to C:\Program Files directory.

-         Set a new environment variable VTK_DATA_ROOT and add the C:\Program Files\VTKData directory.


Naturally, you can copy this downloaded files self directory, but the environment variable have to be set equivalent directory.


Which .NET version do I have to use?

-         The VTK .Net library files could you find as .Net 2.0 wrapper class, therefore you have to use .Net 2.0.

-         You can the VTK .Net source width CMake recompile to .Net 1.1, see VTK .Net project homepage.


Which Visual Studio should I use?

-         Now, you can find the example project on Visual Studio 8.0.


Go to the project homepage


Wednesday, January 31, 2007